Tags 🏷️

A guide on using Tags to organize your contacts.
Organizing your contacts in Dex just got a whole lot easier with Tags!

Getting started:

Get started from the contact page by clicking the Tags section or use the 't' shortcut when viewing a contact:
Here are a few more details about how you can use tags:
  • Tag with AI: Don't want to spend time manually tagging? Use GPT and AI to tag contacts with 'AI Auto Tag':
  • Filter with Tags: Use one or more tags as a filter condition. Alongside groups and other existing filter conditions, you can create powerful flexible views.
  • View all contacts in a tag by clicking a tag.
We've built tags to be highly flexible — use them to keep track of interests, custom relationship/sales status, and more!

Importing Tags from CSV 🏷️

You can now import Tags via CSV as well!
To do so, map the appropriate column in your CSV file to tag you'd like to add for your contact.