Calendar Integration ๐Ÿ“†
Learn how to connect your calendars to Dex

Why connect your calendars?

By connecting your calendars, you can :
  • See relevant calendar events for a contact
  • Search + view through multiple calendars for a contact
  • Update last interaction automatically based on calendar events
  • (coming soon!) Add notes to calendar events easily

Getting Started

First, you'll need to open the 'Sync' page on the bottom of the Sidebar:
Next, click '+ Add Google Account':
When on a contact page or panel, add an email to see relevant calendar events with that contact:
Dex will show you related events by email (where the email is an attendee is part of the event), and also with the same name.

Important Notes:

  • We currently only support Google Calendar on web. We're also in the process of testing an integration with Outlook. If you'd like to try this, please let us know.
    • The Dex Mobile app supports other calendar types.
  • For each connected Google account, we only sync the primary calendar for the account.
  • For new calendar, sync may take a few minutes before showing up in Dex.