See everything you need to do on the Today page

After creating your account, the Today page will show you everything you might need to do.

Using the Today Page

We've made it easy to quickly preview and take action. When on the page, use these shortcuts

  • Up/Down to change the selected row

  • Enter to open the relevant row

  • E to dismiss the row and clear it out of the page

  • H to snooze a row (for Keep-in-Touch and Reminders)

After you open a row, you can take any actions you might need to and press Esc to return to the today page. For calendar events and contacts, you can also use the R key to focus on an input

There are a few different sections to the today page:

Calendar Events

Website/Desktop Application

For the current day, we'll show you the day's calendar events

  • We'll only show you non-recurring events for the current day

  • We'll only show events with less than 10 attendees

  • You'll need to connect your Google Calendar (from the Sync and Integrations page) for this to work

  • We'll automatically create Dex records for attendees of these events

    • Press Enter to open a Calendar event, R to focus the note field, and press CMD+Enter to write a note for a calendar event

    • The correct contacts will be automatically associated with the note you've created

  • When you're done, press E on the today page to mark this calendar event as done.

Mobile Application

On the Mobile app's home page, the Calendar section appears if there's an event due for the day.

  • Selecting "See all" opens all events in a Calendar view

  • The pencil icon on the right side of the event allows you to quickly edit it


Website/Desktop Application

See your contacts with upcoming keep-in-touch and your last interaction:

  • Change a contact frequency using F

  • Open contact with Enter key

    • With a contact open, press R to focus a note field and press CMD+Enter to submit it

    • By default, after a note is created the last interaction will be updated

  • Press E to dismiss a keep-in-touch reminder

    • This will automatically increase the next keep-in-touch reminder by the amount of time set in the keep-in-touch frequency

    • Example: the keep in touch reminder is for 10/8/2020, with a frequency of 'Every year.' If you press press 'E,' the keep in touch reminder will be moved back to 10/8/2021

Mobile Application


  • Swiping Right marks the selected contact as "Done" or "Contacted"

  • Swiping Left snoozes the selected contact for 2 weeks

  • The Check Mark allows you to quickly add notes and mark the interaction as "Done"


The Birthdays page displays all birthdays you imported to Dex on one page.

Birthdays are separated by Today, Upcoming, and Month.


If you've set one-time reminders, we'll also show you all current and overdue reminders on the Reminder page.

  • Press E to mark the reminder as done.

  • Press H to snooze/reschedule the one-time reminder.

As always, you can add a new one-time reminder using Shift+R

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