What is Dex?

Welcome to Dex, a personal CRM that helps you build stronger relationships 👋.

A Personal CRM?

Think of Dex as your personal relationship manager. Use Dex to keep track of the people that matter to you:

Remember where you left off: use Dex to leave a quick note on when you last met with someone. If you integrated with your calendar, you can see all your relationship history in one place.

Be more thoughtful: after adding a contact, add the details that you might otherwise forget. Do you remember the name of their children? How their last European vacation went?

Set Keep-In-Touch Reminders to reach out: when life gets busy, use Dex to remember to reach out regularly. Keep in touch with your family, friends from college, former coworkers, and your broader professional network.

Ready to get started? Here's a quick guide:

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