CC / BCC email into Dex

Add an email into by forwarding an email.

Forward email to:

Adding context from the email into Dex is easy. Simply forward an email to and we'll take care of the rest.

All people in the email conversation will be added and we'll intelligently create or look up the relevant contacts in Dex.

Forward email to your unique CC/BCC email address

Aside from, you can also CC/BCC a unique email address on the sync page.

How this works:

  • We'll find all emails/names in the email thread

  • If they aren't already in Dex, we'll add them as new contacts in Dex (if they already exist, no duplicates will be created)

  • We'll create a new timeline email event, and associate it with all related contacts.

    • The timeline event text will be the subject of the forwarded email

October 2023 Update:

We now add the message body. See the thread of the email, right inside a contact timeline!

Things to consider:

  • Email sender: we match this to your Dex account based on the email sender. This means you'll have to forward emails from the same email as your Dex account. Need multiple email support? Let us know at

  • Email body: at the moment, we do not save the body of an email, only the subject. If you'd like more, please let us know.

  • Email notification: you can disable the email autoresponder in every successful integration through the Notifications page (disable 'Email integration reply').

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