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Ready to get started using the Dex Extension? Here are some helpful setup tips!

Installing the extension ✨

  1. Sign up for Dex using your Google Account or Email

  2. Download and install the Dex for Chrome extension

⚠️ To use Dex Extension: you must be using Google Chrome

You should see this if the installation was successful:

Importing contacts

If you haven't already, use the Extension to import your contacts from your social media accounts.

  1. Open the Extension

  2. Click Import Contacts

  3. Follow prompts for importing contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn

  4. Star important contacts

  5. Organize contacts into groups

⚠️ Important: Do not close or leave your browser when Dex is importing your contacts. Otherwise, it may not import all of them. In the meantime, take a break while we do the hard work.

pageImporting from FacebookpageAdd from LinkedIn

Social Media

Social Media Integrations

To learn more about each of our different social media integrations, check out their specific guide pages here:

Tracking email interactions in Gmail 📩

You can also track interactions within Gmail.

  1. Navigate to your Gmail Inbox

  2. Click on the Dex Welcome Email

  3. Click on the Dex icon to the right of the sender's email

From the Dex extension side panel, you can record your interactions on your timeline. Each contact will have a timeline of your past interactions.

Adding an event to your timeline will automatically update your last interaction for that contact.

🤝 Keep-in-touch notifications are based on the last interaction.

Accessing the extension anywhere

The Dex Extension works on any website. Access your contacts, set reminders, and add notes from anywhere.

Take it further 🚀

The Dex extension gives you the flexibility to manage your connections from any webpage on your desktop; however, Dex Mobile goes one step further and provides the power of Dex anywhere.

pageMobile Application 📲pageToday

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