Import from Phone Contacts 👤

You can now easily import all of your phone contacts directly in the mobile app!

Accessing Phone Import

You can import your phone contacts directly from the home screen or in the settings menu.

Import Process

The Dex app will ask you for permission to access your contacts. You can then select from a list of your phone contacts in alphabetical order that you would like to add to Dex. After you have selected your contacts to import, you have the option to set keep-in-touch reminders so you won't forget to reach out.

Things to know:

  • Groups cannot be imported. See the Groups section if you want to organize your contacts through Groups.

  • You can also follow this guide in importing your Google Contacts (Google Contacts will appear as Phone Contacts)

  • Once the import is done, the contact's photos will be imported as well.

  • Dex and the imported contacts from your Google Contacts have a one-way sync. This means any changes done in Dex will reflect in your Google Contacts but not the other way around. (One-way Sync only works with Google Contacts)

  • Error: "Unable to load Mac Contacts" when uploading .ABBU file - Upload the address book to your iPhone and import the contacts from the mobile application through the "Import from Phone" option.

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