Manage all your contacts in one page!

The Contacts page is the best place to manage and organize your contacts.

Using the Contacts Page

We've made it easy to quickly preview and take action. When on the page, use these shortcuts

  • Up/Down to change the selected row

  • Enter to open the sidebar of the selected contact's details

  • Esc to dismiss the sidebar

  • C to add a new contact manually

  • G + K key to open the Keep-in-touch page

  • G + B key to open Birthdays page

  • G + L key to the open Locations page

  • Shift + G to create a new group

Displayed contacts can be organized to your preference.

  • Title

  • Last Interaction

  • Creation Date

  • Starred

  • Group

  • Map Location

  • Company

  • Education

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Keep-in-touch

  • Name

  • Companies (LinkedIn)

  • Education (LinkedIn)

Multiple filters can be done by separating them with a comma (,)

You can choose to combine more than one filter if necessary.

  • CSV Export - Export all selected contacts to a .CSV File.

  • Archive - Archive all selected contacts

  • Delete - Delete all selected contacts

After you open a contact's details, you can see/update the contact's profile information and take any actions you need.

From here, you can do the following:

  • Upload a Profile Picture

  • Update Contact information

  • Manually update your last interaction

  • Set Frequency for Keep-in-touch

  • Actions Button allows you to do the following:

    • Send an email to the contact

    • Create calendar event

    • Set Reminder

    • Star contact

    • Merge with an existing contact

    • Download vCard

    • Invite to Dex

    • Archive or Delete Contact

Using the Keep In Touch Page

The Keep In Touch page gives you the option to set a frequency for all your contacts easily.

To get started, simply drag and drop the contacts to their corresponding frequency

Note: If you notice this alert when dragging a contact to a different frequency, this means your last interaction with that contact is overdue.

To address this, you can update your last interaction.

Using the Quick Action Page

After setup, you can now quickly take action with the quick action feature:

  • Set keep-in-touch 🤝

  • Quickly update fields 🖊

  • Archive unwanted contacts 🗄️

Using Merge and Fix

We've made merging contacts much faster. After import, you can go to our new Merge & Fix page that merges contacts imported across different sources.

From the Merge & Fix page, view all the possible duplicates that Dex can find. We currently search duplicates based on:

  • Full name

  • Email

  • Phone

In addition, we ensure that each set of duplicates does not have different Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter profiles (or they'd belong to different people). We also ensure that for each duplicate, at least one contact is not an archived contact.

Caution: Merge and Fix is not reversible

Using the Locations page

We've added a page that allows you to organize and view your contacts by location through a simple drag-and-drop!

From this page, you can do the following:

  • Assign a location to contact by dragging and dropping.

  • Add a new location

  • Filter contacts by "Contacts without location" or "Contacts (all)"

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