Contact Sync ๐Ÿ”„
Learn how to sync your Dex contacts into other devices

Getting started with Contact Sync [Video Guide]

Why Contact Sync?

After importing and consolidating your relationships in Dex, you'll have a clean, consolidated list of people you care about. With contact sync, you can use Dex contacts where you need to, including with your
  • Phone app
  • Email client
  • Whatsapp and other services which use phone contacts
Important Contact Sync notes:
  • Contact Sync is one-way into Google Contacts
  • Contacts created will have a 'Dex Contacts' label
  • If you stop Contact Sync (because your account is deleted or you downgrade), your 'Dex Contacts' contacts will not be deleted
  • We recommend importing and consolidating before starting contact sync

How do I start syncing my contacts?

  • Open the Dex Dashboard on the web:
  • Go to the Sync and Integrations page (you can find this with the top-right menu)
  • Under the Contacts section, click '+ Add Account'
Your first contacts will start syncing within minutes. Please note it may take 10-15 minutes for your first contact syncing to complete.

Using Dex Contacts

Using Dex Contacts on an Android Device

Using Dex Contacts on an iPhone

Using Dex Contacts on a Mac Computer

Using Dex Contacts in Gmail

  • Sync Dex Contacts to a Google account with above instructions
  • When composing email in Gmail, your contacts' email will be available for autocomplete

Using Dex Contacts in Whatsapp

  • Sync Dex Contacts to a Google account with above instructions
  • Add your Dex Contacts to your iPhone, Android, or other device with WhatsApp using the above instructions
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