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Learn how to sync your Dex contacts into other devices

Getting started with Contact Sync [Video Guide]

Why Contact Sync?

After importing and consolidating your relationships in Dex, you'll have a clean, consolidated list of people you care about. With contact sync, you can use Dex to sync your Google Contacts where you need to, including with your:

  • Phone app

  • Email client

  • Whatsapp and other services which use phone contacts

  • It's possible to sync through Contacts+ handles since Dex is a separate system that optionally syncs into phone contacts.

Important Contact Sync notes:

  • Contact Sync is one-way into Google Contacts

    • This means changes you make in Dex reflect in your Google Contacts but not the other way around.

  • Contacts created will have a 'Dex Contacts' label

  • If you stop Contact Sync (because your account is deleted or you downgrade), your 'Dex Contacts' contacts will not be deleted

  • We recommend importing and consolidating before starting contact sync

  • Due to API restrictions, the sync doesn't include the profile photos. We are looking for a way around this - we appreciate your patience.

How do I start syncing my contacts?

  • Open the Dex Dashboard on the web:

  • Go to the Sync and Integrations page (you can find this with the top-right menu)

  • Under the Contacts section, click '+ Add Account'

Your first contacts will start syncing within minutes. Please note it may take 10-15 minutes for your first contact syncing to complete.

How can I undo contact sync?

  • Hover over the label and click the trash icon to delete the label

  • Check off 'Delete all contacts and delete this label'

Undoing Contact Sync does not affect Dex (Contacts, notes, etc)


Error 404 with syncing

If you have more than 25,000 contacts being synced with Dex, you'll encounter this error. This limit is placed per Google Contacts account. Keep in mind that the Trash folder might also contain old contacts and is also counted during the sync.

To fix this:

  1. Undo Contact sync by following these instructions:

  2. Delete your Contact sync credentials on the sync page

  3. Reconnect your contact sync credentials

For further support, feel free to contact us at

Using Dex Contacts

Using Dex Contacts on an Android Device

Using Dex Contacts on an iPhone

Using Dex Contacts on a Mac Computer

Using Dex Contacts in Gmail

  • Sync Dex Contacts to a Google account with the above instructions

  • When composing an email in Gmail, your contacts' email will be available for autocomplete

Using Dex Contacts on Whatsapp

  • Sync Dex Contacts to a Google account with the above instructions

  • Add your Dex Contacts to your iPhone, Android, or other devices with WhatsApp using the above instructions

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