Views 🔎

Dex exists to make your network more manageable. Today, we've implemented a substantial step forward in making our filters more saveable and more useful.
If you've ever wondered "Who are all the startup founders in network?" this new release is well worth your attention.

Views 🔎

From the left sidebar, a new 'Views' section will appear above groups. These views are a set of shared filters.
  • Default views: we've created views for existing users to show you what views can do -- feel free to delete or customize these!
  • Views are saved with contact filters. Contacts are refreshed each time you open a view.

Filter Options

You can create Views with the following filter options:
  • Title
  • Last interaction
  • Creation date
  • Starred
  • Group
  • Map Location
  • Company
  • Education
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Keep-in-touch
  • Name
  • Companies (LinkedIn)
    • Searches past and current companies (for contacts imported from LinkedIn)
  • Education (Linkedin)
    • Searches contacts who went or go to a specific school (for contacts imported from LinkedIn)
You can add more than one filter and specify one or more values for each filter by separating the values with a comma.
On a view page, you can still sort and search, like you can with all your contacts on the contacts page. 💪