Dex Premium ⭐️

Learn how you can upgrade your Dex experience by switching to Premium.

Here's what you get:

So you've upgraded (or are thinking of upgrading) to Dex Premium. What does that get you?

  • Unlimited contacts, events, and keep-in-touch reminders

  • Unlimited use of all product features

  • Calendar integration

  • Contact Sync

  • Priority Support

Great, but going from a new user to a poweruser might take some set-up. Here are a few ways in which you can get the most use out of your Premium subscription:

Maximize your Keep-In-Touch reminders

Once you have premium, you'll unlock unlimited reminders for all of your keep-in-touch needs. Simply click the Keep-in-touch button on the sidebar (underneath Contacts) and begin moving your contacts between the different frequencies.

In addition, our Keep-in-touch reminders can utilize the grouping feature to show the reminders for only specific groups. Navigate to the arrow to the right of "All contacts" and filter your reminders by groups.

Sync your calendar

Revitalize your relationships by syncing up your Google calendar with Dex. Have all your contacts paired with relevant events when you go to their contact detail page and let Dex automatically fill your calendar with reminders for keeping-in-touch, birthdays, and more!

To begin calendar sync, simply go to the Sync button at the bottom of your sidebar and click "Add Google Account" on the following screen. You'll be prompted to log into yoru Google Calendar and afterwards, Dex will take care of the rest!

Once your calendar is synced, you only need to open up your contact detail page to see all your Google Calendar events right there on the Dex screen. This feature makes scheduling meetings and finding potential conflicts convenient for users since they do not have to flip back and forth between two apps.

Set up regular reminders

Reminders are a great way to organize and keep track of the important tasks in your life. Becuase you've upgraded to Premium, Dex lets you make unlimited reminders on your account. Stop forgetting the important things by heading over to the "Reminders" tab on the sidebar, and click the "Add Reminder" button on the top right.

Leverage the browser extension

Social media seems to be a part of everyone's lives these days, and with so many websites and apps asking for your attention, it can get hard to remember to keep track of people. Well, no longer with Dex. Our CRM integrates seamlessly with most social media pages, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Once you have an account with Dex, simply head over to the Chrome extension page and download the Dex extension--we promise it'll be worth it 🙂

Dex will have a visible and dedicated button for adding people's profiles to your CRM on each of your social media accounts, which means you'll always be reminded to connect whenever you use your Chrome browser.

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