Mobile Changelog

New features, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the Dex mobile app.

June 2022

✨ New Features

  • New Google Sync screen and flow.

  • Now already imported contacts are hidden by default in Import Contacts screen.

  • Added "Failed imports" after Importing contacts for contacts that couldn't be imported.

  • Added "Your timeline" section to the Home Screen.

  • Added title changes to Contacts timeline

🐞 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue push notifications β€” they should be received correctly now.

  • Fixed crash when importing large amounts of contacts.

  • Fixed crash when deleting all contacts.

  • Fixed deep linking β€” now email links should lead correctly to their respective app screens

  • Several New Phone Contacts bugs fixes.

  • Fixed handling both linkHandler.html URLs and normal URLs.

  • Fixed app notification badge number and tweaked Home Screen keep-in-touch section to show all overdue.

  • Fixed Sign in with Apple and Google hanging after first login.

  • Fixed contact self "Merge with"

  • Fixed currency display in IAP components.

September 2021:

🐞 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Mobile social search for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Home Screen birthday dismiss action.

  • Added social profile URL parsing in Edit Contact social profile.

  • Added Birthday Year support to Import Contacts.

  • Added support for long/multiple last names to Import Contacts.

  • Fixed Google Sign In for Android devices.

  • Fixed IAP screen not loading at times.

August 2021:

🐞 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Added home screen birthday dismiss actions.

  • Fixed a bug where the birthdays were wrong for contacts.

  • Improved Google Sign In flow stability.

  • Adjusted the UI when some accessibility settings are turned on from the Settings app.

  • Other bug fixes.

July 2021:

🐞 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed duplicated "No Location" item in Locations screen.

  • Fixed toast notification not showing at times.

  • Fixed an issue where updating a contact on the web app would not affect the data on the mobile app.

  • Fixed an issue where new users from Sign in with Apple/Google would get an infinite loading screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the user would not be able to update their account name.

  • Fixed starring/unstarring contacts.

  • Fixed email linking handling (contacts & reminders).

  • Fixed action button in home screen Calendar event items.

  • Fixed timeline items not showing line breaks.

  • Fixed an issue where reminder contacts would not update via the Edit Reminder screen.

April 2021:

🐞 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Merge & Fix: Improved stability of merge & fix and import contacts features.

  • Edit Contacts: Fixed a bug where saving changes in the Edit Contact screen wouldn’t work

  • Fixed an issue causing reminder stab

  • Improved description input

  • Fixed a bug where the contacts would disappear randomly.

  • Improved keyboard handling

  • Several UI tweaks

February 2021: New Home Screen🏑 + Timeline

Happy New Year! We've been thankful to have your support as fully flesh out our mobile app.

Thanks for all the input and reports through our beta program for our mobile app. We''re making steady progress, and are excited to graduate the app formally out of beta over the coming months. Here's a quick update:

Home Screen UI Re-design

With our re-designed home screen, you're now able to access all sorts of easy-to-use widgets directly from the starting page, including adding a new contact/event, viewing overdue and upcoming meetings, and having a shortcut to your mobile new timeline!

Mobile Timeline

Dynamically keep track of your past, present and future interactions with the new mobile timeline! Quickly add notes, set up future interactions, and add/remove people from scheduled meetings from this handy page!

Mobile Merge & Fix

Ever accidentally import from multiple accounts, only to find out you have duplicates?

You've already been able to fix this on the Dex website, and now you can fix that in Dex Mobile! Navigate to the Merge and Fix page with the menu on the bottom right and click on "Merge & fix."Try it yourself!

Swipe to Remove

Now it's easier than ever to remove contacts from groups if you no longer want them there. Simply swipe left to toggle the remove icon and hit "remove". Easy as that!

Plans Screen

Considering upgrading your plan? In the mobile app, we make it easy for you to know what your current plan is and related benefits. Navigate to the three bars icon on the bottom right and click "Plans" to see more.

🐞 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Keep-in-touch: Fixed an issue where keep-in-touch notifications were not properly sent.

  • Calendar Sync: Fixed an issue causing the app to crash after syncing your phone calendar

  • Timezones: Users can now set timezones and receive keep-in-touch and reminders between 8-9AM of their timezone.

  • Fixed an issue with a cutoff 'Done' button,

  • Fixed an issue where certain android devices would lead to a crash on open

  • Added loading states to improve responsiveness of certain pages

September 2020: Calendar View, Premeeting Notifications, and Bugfixes!

Calendar View

By connecting your calendar with the Dex app, see your upcoming events and add them quickly to Dex with attendees. We support all types of calendars on your phone πŸ“…. Get started with the new 'Calendar' tab.

Meeting Notifications

After your calendar meetings with invited attendees, receive a push notification to add people from your last meeting in to Dex. Enable this feature with Settings -> Push Notifications.

🐞 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Contact Reminders Tab: contact reminders are now broken out into a separate tab

  • Login flow: Added the option to login with password; clarified the 'Login with Email'

  • Made the description field multiple lines

  • Fixed an issue where push notifications would open the home screen (instead of a specific screen)

  • Fixed an issue for importing phone contacts with non-western characters (Chinese, Cyrillic, etc)

  • Misc other UI improvements! ⚑

August 2020: Import from Phone Contacts, New Contacts View, and Swipe πŸ‘‰!

Import from Phone Contacts

You can now import your phone contacts (iCloud and Google) with Dex! Tap "Import phone contacts" on the Home Screen to choose contacts to add. After importing, you can set keep-in-touch quickly and easily.

New Contacts View πŸ”

We've redesigned the contacts tab to include even more functionality. Swipe left and right across different views to see groups, keep-in-touch, location, and birthdays views!

Swipe on the Home Page πŸ‘‰

You can now swipe keep-in-touch contacts from the home page!

  • Swipe left to snooze a contact for two weeks

  • Swipe right to indicate you've met

  • Tap a contact to open their profile see more information and leave a note πŸ“

🐞 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Instagram Support: Added Instagram profiles; tap to go directly into a contacts' profile! πŸ“Έ

    • (support from the web + extension, coming soon!)

  • Navigation: Improved button sizes for back buttons

  • Group add: Users can now create a new group when adding a contact to a group

  • Fixed an issue where certain iOS users were not be able to login

  • Fixed an issue where adding a long note would get cutoff

  • Many other UI tweaks and performance improvements! ⚑

July 2020: Push Notifications πŸ””, Improved Event Input πŸ“, and Reminders ⏰

We've been hard at improving the mobile app experience. We're excited to be a step closer to an official release on the App Store and Play Store!

Push Notifications

We're now sending Push Notifications for reminders, keep-in-touch contacts, and certain birthdays! With these notifications, you'll get a timely reminders to come back to Dex. 😎

Improved Event Input

The existing input for adding new events has been improved to be simpler and more streamlined. Try it today by adding a new event!

Reminders Tab

Following the release of our Reminders Panel in the Dex Web Dashboard, we've also added a Reminders tab to the mobile app. With the Reminders tab, quickly add a new note, mark existing reminders as completed, and see your past reminders.

🐞 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where opening a group would open up contacts for a different group.

  • Fixed an issue where starred contacts wouldn't search in the Contacts Tab

  • Fixed an issue where a long name would overflow the contact panel

  • Performance improvements when switching a new tab

  • Improved navigation between tabs to prevent lagging

  • Many small UI improvements πŸ”§

June 2020

We initially launched the Dex Mobile App beta on iOS Testflight and the Google Play Store.

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