PUT for updating a reminder

PUT for updating a reminder

Updates an existing reminder by its ID

PUT https://api.getdex.com/api/rest/reminders/{reminderId}

Path Parameters




The ID of the reminder to be updated

Request Body:

    "changes": {
        "text": "",
        "is_complete": false,
        "due_at_time": null,
        "due_at_date": "2024-05-17"
    "reminders_contacts": [
            "reminder_id": "374e36cd-74b5-4f6e-9196-65c3e5ee9f08",
            "contact_id": "75b7bc73-7be0-41a6-960a-183555c80976"
    "update_contacts": false

You can use the variable update_contacts in the API to decide whether if you want to update the contacts associated with the reminder or not.

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