Keep-in-touch 🤝

Learn about using Dex to remind you to check in with your contacts regularly.
Keep-in-touch notifications remind you to check in with your friends regularly. For each contact, you can set keep-in-touch notifications in one-month, three months, six months, and one-year intervals. Once set, Dex will remind you when it is time to reach out again! 🔔
Use keep-in-touch to remind you to stay in contact with the people you care about.
Looking to set a one-time notification?

How does keep-in-touch work?

Dex will send you an email reminder or push notification (on mobile) when it is time to reach out. You will receive a notification based on the timing of the last interaction.
For example, if you have a 3-month keep-in-touch for Cameron and your last interaction was in June 20th, you will receive a notification from Dex to reach out on the morning of September 20th.

What if I interact with a contact before the keep-in-touch date?

Great! If you logged your last interaction in Dex, the keep-in-touch will automatically be pushed to be based on your most recent interaction. From the above example, let's say you interacted with Cameron on July 5th. You will now be notified on October 5th.

Where do I get the reminder?

Dex will notify you via email by default on the morning of your keep-in-touch date. If you have downloaded the mobile app, you will receive also receive a push notification. You can customize these notifications in your settings.

Will I get spammed with keep-in-touch if I set a bunch at one time?

In short, no. Dex will automatically space out your keep-in-touch notifications so you won't receive more than 5 per day.

What happens if I don't do anything with a keep-in-touch?

Even if you don't update your last interaction with a contact, Dex will still notify you when it is the next time to keep-in-touch. For example, if you set a keep-in-touch for a 3-month frequency and ignored the last notification, Dex will send you a notification again in 3 months.

Accessing Keep-in-touch

Search for any contact and access the contact detail page. You can then set a keep-in-touch reminder from there.

Organize keep-in-touch

Open the Keep-in-touch page on Dex Web
You can quickly set keep-in-touch notifications for contacts by dragging and dropping contacts into designated keep-in-touch frequencies.