Mentions & Tagging 🏷

You can mention contacts and groups to add information.

Where can you format and tag contacts?

You can add formatting and tagging in any of these places:

  • Contact Description fields

  • Timeline input (on the Timeline page)

  • Timeline input (on the Daily Agenda)

  • Timeline input (on the add event modal

Rich Text

Currently, Dex supports adding text with the styles: Bold, Italics, Numbered List, Bulleted List, and Hyperlinks. Simply highlight the text and change the style in the toolbar. You can also use the common shortcuts:

  • Bold: Ctrl + B

  • Italics: Ctrl + I

Adding a bulleted list can also be done by typing a short dash "-" followed by a space. A numbered list can be added by typing "1." and pressing the spacebar.

Mentions & Tagging

When you're leaving a timeline note, updating a contact description, or note for a calendar event, you can now use these keys:

  • Use '@' to mention another contact.

  • Use '#' to mention a group.

Tag other contacts in an interaction on a contact's timeline by using the "@" symbol. Typing "@" brings up your list of contacts and you can simply type to search.

When you tag, there are two things to note:

  • πŸ”¨Create-on-mention If a contact or group does not yet exist, we'll create them.

  • πŸ”— Mention actions: If you mention one or more contact, we'll automatically add contact relations. If you mention a group, we'll add the relevant contact to the group automatically.

    • Note: Tagging another contact will automatically add your current note to your tagged contact's timeline.

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