Desktop AppπŸ’»
The Dex Desktop app helps you make the most of Dex by allowing you to add Dex as a separate app:
    Add Dex to your main taskbar.
    Start Dex automatically when you start your computer.

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs?)

    Can I import using the Desktop app?
      Due to technical limitations, to import contacts, you'll have to use the web interface first.
    Can I login with 'Sign-in with Apple' on the Desktop app?
      To login with your apple credentials, you'll have to add a password to your account and sign-in with your password
      To add a password to your account, reset your password on the account settings page.
    Can I turn-off Dex auto-start by default?
        Open the start menu and search for 'Startup Apps'
        Find 'Dex Personal CRM' and turn this option off
        Need more help? Check out this article.
Last modified 11d ago