Map View 🌎

See where all your contacts are based around the world.
Dex allows you to visualize and understand where your network is located. After importing your contacts or syncing from LinkedIn, Dex will place contacts on the map based off set location or address. (addresses take priority):

How it works

Moving around the map will change the list of contacts to the map. The map view is only available on the web/desktop app, and will also populate on LinkedIn location values. A few other notes notes:
  • From a contact screen: next to a contacts' location, click 'Open in Map' to see nearby contacts.
  • Contacts by Location: this screen has been removed from the sidebar and is now accessible on the bottom right corner of the map view.
  • Map View refresh: when locations are edited from the map view, you may need to refresh the map view to see changes updated appropriately.
  • Coming soon: Geo-specific filters and a map view on mobile.