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Reminders ⏰

Learn how to set one-time reminders for your contacts in Dex. These can help remind you to follow up on emails, give your contact a call, etc.
Looking to set reminders based on the last interaction?

Set your first reminder

Access reminders from a contact. Once you click into a contact, you can easily set a one-off reminder that will notify you on the day you set it. 🔔

Recurring Reminders

In addition to one-time reminders, reminders can also be recurring.
  • 🔁 Reminders can repeat every week, month, quarter, or year.
  • 🔔 Receive an email and push notification on the date of each reminder.🔔
  • 🤝 Used with keep-in-touch reminders, recurring reminders can make sure you never miss an important date
After the initial reminder date passes, we'll continue to remind you at a certain frequency via email and push notifications.

Where will I be reminded?

Based on your settings and timezone, Dex will send on the morning of your reminder:
  • An email reminder
  • A push notification

Where can I manage reminders?

On the Dex website or mobile app, easily see upcoming reminders and mark them as completed through the reminders page.

Common reminders you can set

  • Reminder to send an email to check in about a fundraising
  • Upcoming networking events
  • Upcoming dates when someone will be in town
  • Dates when someone
  • Anniversaries
  • Children's birthdays
  • Thank you emails
If the dates don't coincide, make sure the timezone in your Dex account is set correctly.
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