Reminders ⏰

Learn how to set one-time reminders for your contacts in Dex. These can help remind you to follow up on emails, give your contact a call, etc.

Looking to set reminders based on the last interaction?

pageKeep-in-touch 🤝

Set your first reminder

Access reminders from a contact. Once you click into a contact, you can easily set a one-off reminder that will notify you on the day you set it. 🔔

Recurring Reminders

In addition to one-time reminders, reminders can also be recurring.

  • 🔁 Reminders can repeat every week, month, quarter, or year.

  • 🔔 Receive an email and push notification on the date of each reminder.🔔

  • 🤝 Used with keep-in-touch reminders, recurring reminders can make sure you never miss an important date

After the initial reminder date passes, we'll continue to remind you at a certain frequency via email and push notifications.

Where will I be reminded?

Based on your settings and timezone, Dex will send on the morning of your reminder:

  • An email reminder

  • A push notification

pageMobile Application 📲

Where can I manage reminders?

On the Dex website or mobile app, easily see upcoming reminders and mark them as completed through the reminders page.

Common reminders you can set

If the dates don't coincide, make sure the timezone in your Dex account is set correctly.

Need to set birthday reminders? Check out:

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