Referral Program 👉

Earn your way to Dex Premium with our new Referral Program!

Spread the love and get rewarded at the same time!

By referring your friends and family to use Dex, we are offering $20 in Dex Credit to use towards Dex Premium! For every person you have referred who has signed up, you'll receive Dex Credit that is applied to your account.

Here's how it works:

Each time you refer, you can use your very own, unique referral link found by clicking 'Refer to Dex' on the bottom left of your web homepage!

From there, either copy it through our easy-to-use 'Copy to Clipboard' button or share it via social media in the provided links!

Once sent, you will see a status update on your referral dashboard about which users have signed up and which users are still pending.

Earning credit

Each time a user you have referred signs up for Dex, we will apply $20 in Dex credit for you to enjoy our premium features! Learn more about using Dex Premium here!

Note: The people you have referred do not have to sign up for Dex Premium in order for you to earn credit--they only need to sign up! 😎

Important information about the Referral Program and Dex Credits:

  • Dex Credit can only be applied towards Dex Premium; no cash value can be redeemed

  • If you have any Dex Credit, this value will be the first to get deducted when paying for Dex Premium, instead of charging your credit card

  • After depletion of current Dex credits, we will automatically charge the credit card associated with the account for the remainder of your balance

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