Merge and Fix 👥

Learn about how you can use Dex to easily clean up your contacts.

Deduplicate from the Merge and Fix page

From the Merge & Fix page, view all the possible duplicates that Dex can find. We currently search duplicates based on:
  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone
In addition, we ensure that each set of duplicates does not have different Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter profiles (or they'd belong to different people). We also ensure that for each duplicate, at least one contact is not an archived contact.
Merge and Fix is not reversible

Deduplicate from a Contact page

On a contact page, click on the actions menu, and then click 'Merge with' to merge this contact with another contact.

Mobile Merge n' Fix

Now available on Dex Mobile, merge and fix operates similarly. Simply navigate to the merge and fix section on the bottom right, and merge matching found duplicates:

Contacts Page

On the contacts page, you can select multiple contacts that you want to merge. For example, a contact may have different display names on Facebook and LinkedIn. Simply press "M" to merge these contacts or click the merge button at the top toolbar.