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February 2021: Dex Referral Program πŸ’Έ + Calendar Sync!

Referral Program πŸ’Έ

Want to share Dex? With our new referral program, earn $15 in Dex credit for every referral. You can see your own unique referral link by clicking 'Refer to Dex' on the sidebar.

Easily share this link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, or send an email invitation directly.

Calendar Sync πŸ“…

Combine multiple Google calendars in Dex with our new Calendar Sync! With this new addition, you can now:

  • See relevant calendar events for contacts by email

  • Search + view through multiple calendars for events related to a contact

P.S. Dex also matches calendar events just by a contact name (first+last) too.

Dashboard Today/Upcoming view β˜€οΈ

Our dashboard has been updated to split today/upcoming events. Based on your feedback, we're making it clear which contacts need immediate attention, and which contacts are coming up. You can also press tab/shift+tab to switch between dashboard tabs!

β€‹πŸ› Fixes and Improvements

  • Contact Search: implemented fuzzy search to make search for contacts more accepting.

  • Birthdays Reminder: fixed an issue causing certain users to receive birthday notifications a day late

  • Keep-in-touch Reminders: fixed an issue where contacts with a missed keep-in-touch reminders in the past would not send future keep-in-touch reminders via email.

  • Contacts Table Double-click: double clicking a row on the contact will now open a contact page directly.

  • Fixed an issue where calendar events weren't ordered correctly.

January 2021: Locations 🌍 + LinkedIn Contact Info, + fixes!

Happy New Year! We've been thankful to have your support as we begin 2021. Thanks for all the feedback on the latest version of the product; with your feedback we've fixed our bugs and made more improvements/enhancements to the product. Here's a quick update:

Organize by location

By popular demand, we've added a page that allows you to organize and view your contacts by location. Visit the new location page here:

Contacts filtered by location on the right and those without location on the left

LinkedIn 'Contact Info'

When adding contacts with the Dex Extension, for first degree connections we're now able to also add 'Contact Information' such as email, phone, and birthday (if present). We'll also set your last interaction to the day you connected. To try this out, use the extension to add a contact!

Example of using Dex's built-in LinkedIn extension

β€‹πŸ› Fixes and Improvements

  • Keep-In-Touch Notifications: fixed an issue preventing certain users from receiving keep-in-touch reminders.

  • Timezone-aware Notifications: based on your timezone (change in the settings page /screen), we'll send around 8:00AM-9:00AM local time. Especially useful for the Dex users around the world!

  • Contacts Table Behavior: we've changed behavior of the side panel to open on click instead of mouseover, which users reported as distracting

  • Keep-In-Touch Page and Groups Page Performance: we've greatly improved the loading speed and time of these pages in the Dex Dashboard

  • Ctrl+M to focus Event Field: with a contact page or panel open, press Ctrl+M to focus the Event field.

  • LinkedIn Import: fixed an issue where users couldn't use the Dex Extension to import from LinkedIn

  • Fixed an issue where the 'Escape' key wouldn't properly close or defocus windows

  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't create groups when partially matched

  • Fixed an issue where new timeline events weren't ordered correctly due to timezone

December 2020: Dex 2.0, our biggest update πŸ”§

Over the last few months, we've been hard at work rebuilding our platform from the ground up to improve performance, add πŸ”₯features, and building new import and on-boarding flows. We're excited to share what we've done.

A new dashboard

We've improved the dashboard experience to be faster, cleaner, and more actionable. Use shortcuts to snooze keep-in-touch contacts, see upcoming birthdays, and keep your contacts up to date. Check it out here:

Contact Pages

For each contact, we've added a page specific to each contact. These contact pages are also completely tabbable and support use of our command bar, so you can add events see details quickly and easily. Open a contact by searching for them in Dex or clicking on them.

Groups 2.0 + Drag-and-drop

We've also significantly improved the group experience in Dex. Customize groups with your own emoji and description. Use the Groups Browser page to drag-and-drop to organize into groups πŸ‘ͺ:

Selective Import from Facebook (with πŸŽ‚!) + LinkedIn

You can now choose to import from Facebook and LinkedIn! By default, Facebook imports include birthdays πŸŽ‚ and LinkedIn imports include location πŸŒ‡. We'll automatically merge your imported LinkedIn/Facebook contacts during the import process, which you can try here.

Import 2.0: Import groups from Google contacts

We've rebuilt our import experience for Gmail and Google Contacts.

  • New✨: if you use labels in Google Contacts, you can use your 'Import from Gmail' to import your contacts with labels (we'll create groups to match label names automatically in Dex)

Merge and Fix with faster merging!

We've made merging contacts much faster. After import, you can go to our new Merge & Fix page that merges contacts imported across different sources.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

September 2020: Timeline Page, Performance Improvements, and our next new look

Timeline Page

Want to see all your past notes in Dex? Do this with the new timeline page, where you can add new notes and tag multiple contacts.

Performance Improvements

We've improved many of the key actions you can do in Dex, making them snappier and more responsive by upgrading our databases and interactions.

Our next look πŸ’…β€‹

We've been hard at work on our next Dex experience, with brand new views, onboarding, and functionality. If you're interested in testing our new interface out before we launch it, please let me know!

August 2020: New Dashboard, Instagram Support, and more!

New Dex Dashboard

See your keep-in-touch contacts, reminders, birthdays and other suggestions from the new Dashboard! The Dashboard provides essential information to keep you up to date with your relationships.

Instagram Support (Web + Chrome Extension!)

You can now add contacts directly from Instagram with our Chrome extension! After you add a contact's Instagram profile, you'll be able to access them with one click from a contacts' profile and the Dex mobile app.

Settings Dropdown Menu

The new dropdown menu at the top right of the dashboard gives you quick access to your Dex account, settings, and other features

β€‹πŸ› Fixes and Improvements

  • Better Export: we've added birthdays, groups, and all remaining fields to the contacts export. Also -- export your notes! πŸ“β€‹

  • Weekly Keep-in-Touch: we've added the ability for users to choose a 'weekly' keep-in-touch option for contacts.

  • Extension Performance: we've improved performance in the extension, Dex now loads faster across all sites!

  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't login after installing the mobile app.

  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't see the Dex button on a Facebook profile

July 2020: Keyboard Shortcuts βœ‚οΈ, Reminders ⏰, and Tagging Contacts 🏷️

Command Bar

We're excited to introduce a command bar for the power users! To get started type Cmd + K (or Ctrl +K) to show the Command Bar. From here, you can search through the list of commands in Dex and perform actions by clicking on them.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are another way for you to take quick actions, navigate the web platform, and update contact details in Dex. To see all of the supported shortcuts, type "?" anywhere to bring up the list of commands.

Reminders Panel

Setting a lot of one-time reminders? See all your past and upcoming reminders from the new reminders panel. To open, click the Alarm clock in the upper right corner, or visit:

Contact Tagging

You can finally tag other contacts in your notes! On a contact timeline, tag different contacts using the "@" key. Other contacts will be added automatically, and notes will appear across other timelines.

Rich Text and Bullets

Want to add more structure to your timeline events? You can now put bold, italics, links, bullets, numbered lists in your notes. Simply highlight text in a note to view formatting options.

β€‹πŸ› Fixes and Improvements

  • Event Drafting: If you leave move to another view while drafting a timeline event, you can just return to the timeline event and your written note will be saved automatically.

  • Add Button for Social Networks: Contact social media has a Button (+) to set social networks.

  • LinkedIn Importing: Fixed an issue where users who were importing from LinkedIn were only able to add a small number of connections

  • Mobile App: We've made many bugfixes, improvements, and feature releases. to get started with the mobile app, visit:​

June 2020

We've been hard at work building new features. We're also super excited to announce mobile apps on both iOS and Android are available for public testing!

Import from Facebook and LinkedIn

For users that haven't seen it already, we've made the process of importing from Facebook and LinkedIn easier and more robust. Simply click the green 'Import' button to get started.

Better Contact Details + Custom Fields

We've launched a new contact detail panel that is cleaner and easier to navigate. Add custom fields, see your last interaction, and more!

The main contact list now groups contacts by last event, sorts by name to make merging easier, and is easily searchable like an email inbox. Give it a try here and on any of your groups pages!

Mobile App Testing

We're ready for you to try the mobile app. For Android users, try download the Dex Mobile App from the Play Store here. For iOS users, join our Testflight Beta. Note: you'll need already have signed up for Dex to get started.

β€‹πŸ› Fixes and Improvements

  • Bulk Contact Deletion: fixed an issue where deleting multiple contacts would reset the scroll on the contact table.

  • Extension Support for New Facebook: we've fixed an issue where the Dex button was not consistently displaying in the new Facebook layout.

  • LinkedIn Title Bug: we've fixed an issue where adding someone via LinkedIn messages would resolve the wrong job title.

  • New! LinkedIn Location: we now support adding contact locations when you add a contact via the extension

May 2020

Birthdays and Birthday Reminders

With Dex, you can now save birthdays and receive reminders for upcoming contacts. You can add birthdays in the web dashboard, import with Facebook, and your birthdays in a separate birthdays dashboard as well.

New Keep in Touch Page

We've created the simple drag-and-drop interface for you to set the keep-in-touch frequency of your contacts. Give it a try on your desktop here.

New Extension Page

We've updated the main extension page to allow for faster access to keep-in-touch and starred contacts. Now you can quickly write notes and set reminders for your most recent and important contacts.


Before May 2020

(we've been hard at work improving our mobile app, extension, and web dashboard but haven't written changelogs πŸ˜…)