Importing from LinkedIn

Tips and tricks for the LinkedIn import process.

Before you start

  1. Sign up for Dex using your Google Account or Email

  2. Download and install the Dex for Chrome extension

⚠️ To use Dex Extension: you must be using Google Chrome

You should see this if the installation was successful:

Importing your existing connections

The import process for LinkedIn is identical to the process for Facebook import.

⚠️ Important: Do not click away from the window during the importing process.

Building a workflow using Dex

Once you've successfully installed the extension, a button will automatically appear in LinkedIn whenever you navigate to a profile. This lets you automatically add new LinkedIn contacts or link existing ones.

Here are some things you can do in Dex to make you a better networker:

  • Add a new contact using the Dex button

  • Add a description for a connection (i.e. attended Dublin Jerome High School, has two kids, huge Cavs fan 🏀 )

  • Set a reminder to check in with a connection

  • Invite a connection to join Dex

Additional tips for building your network and getting started can be found here:

See duplicates?

See contacts that did not merge automatically during the import process? Easily fix and remove duplicates using the Merge and Fix tool.