See everything you need to keep in touch with your contacts right from the Dashboard.



See your contacts with upcoming keep-in-touch and your last interaction. You can snooze your upcoming keep-in-touch or update your last interaction with one click.

Integrated with our Dashboard is our new Today/Upcoming seperation feature! Now if you go to the "Upcoming" tab, you'll be able to see your Future Keep-In-Touch events (see image above) listed chronologically!

Keep-in-touch will automatially remind you via email to reach out to the people you've custom indicated, so you won't have to worry about forgetting 😊

For more information on Keep-in-touch, click here!


See 4 of your upcoming reminders. Mark your reminders as done, see the associated contacts, snooze, or delete them. Clicking "+Add / See More" opens the reminders panel.

I'm Feeling Lucky

Try reaching out to contacts you maybe haven't talked to in a while. Dex will recommend you 5 random contacts daily in the "I'm Feeling Lucky" card.

Birthdays and Groups

Dex Dashboard will also by default show you upcoming birthdays for your contacts and give you quick access to your groups.